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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of hire for apartment rental
1. Contract of Hire All bookings are accepted by Accommodationlondon and are subject to these conditions which are deemed to have been accepted in full by the hirer and all persons in the party. Bookings can be made by telephone, fax, email or from the website and would be deemed to be accepted by us, provided that credit card payment is made.
2. Confirmation Your booking is only confirmed on receipt of payment of your deposit, as per clause 3 of these conditions.
3. Payment Your booking must be accompanied by your payment of a deposit (see below under cancellation (point 6) the different deposit sums required depending on building) . Balance of rentals, if any due, (maximum of 4 weeks rental for periods of 3 months and over) to be paid 4 weeks before arrival, unless otherwise stated. Credit cards held will be automatically debited when the balance of rental is due, unless specifically advised differently by the hirer at the time of booking. If the balance is not paid before arrival then we will consider that the hirer is in breach of the contract thereby cancelling the booking, refer to clause 6 below. All hirers of apartments give full authority, when booking with a Credit card, to debit their account with the rental stated.
4. What is included The apartment rental includes: The cost of water, electricity, weekly clean and change of towels/linen. A full inventory of equipment and utensils is also provided. Please note: No items must be removed from the apartment .
5. What is not included The apartment rental price does not include any personal insurance, travel, transportation or airport to apartment transport.
6. Amendment charges In the event you wish to alter details of a Fully Confirmed booking, there will be an amendment charge of 25 in addition to the increase, if any, in the cost of the revised arrangements. The 25 shall be automatically debited against your credit card. All alterations must be sent to us in writing.
7. Cancellation by hirer Hirer meaning person whom books or pays for the accommodation.
All bookings and reservations are only accepted on the Terms and Conditions as outlined by AccommodationLondon. Deposit sums and charges for cancellation differ between the privately owned apartments and the Hotel based serviced apartments that we own or manage and are detailed below.
It should be noted by the hirer that we strongly advise travellers to seek their own travel insurance cover for protection against any loss of flight costs and accommodation costs in the event that the hirer has to cancel. If the hirer pays for a return flight ticket, the hirer may find that by paying with a credit card to their tour operator/airline that full insurance protection exists, in the event of cancellation, from either the credit card company or the tour operator.
PRIVATELY OWNED APARTMENTS: Shaftesbury Avenue terms and conditions; A deposit of 200 is due at time of booking and balance of rental is payable 4 weeks prior to start date of rental. In the event of cancellation by the hirer outside of the 4 week's then the 200 deposit will be forfeited as an administration charge. If cancellation is made by the hirer within 4 week's of the start date then the hirer is responsible for the full rental price up to a maximum liability of 1 week's rental. Whilst the hirer's maximum liability is one week's rental it can be avoided if the hirer is able to cancel 4 week's prior to arrival, when only the deposit would be lost. We do give a complete full refund in the event that we relet the accommodation, less the 200 administration charge. For lomg term rentals the deposit is 4 week's rental.
RYDER STREET CHAMBERS & HOTEL SUITES (Kensington Hotel Apartments): A deposit of 12.5% of the total rental is due at the time of booking and the balance of rental is to be paid upon hirer's arrival at reception. Cancellation by the hirer must be 4 week's prior to arrival, in order to avoid any obligation to the rental. The 12.5% deposit would be retained as an administration charge and is therefore not refundable. Should the hirer cancel within 2 week's then the hirer will be responsible for the rental up to a maximum liability of 1 week's rental. However, if the booking is for 4 weeks or more at the special rate then 12.5% is payable at the time of booking and the balance due for the rental must be paid 4 weeks prior to booking arrival date. Should the hirer cancel, at any time prior to arrival, when having booked a longer term booking then the hirer is responsible for a week's rental cost if outside of 2 weeks. If notice is given 2 weeks, or less, then the first 4 week's rental is forfeited.Should the hirer cancel when in occupation then the 12.5% deposit would be forfeited and the rental paid would be apportioned and reimbursed, depending on the applicable rate.
Note that should you reserve a week or more and wish to cancel at anytime then not only the 12.5% deposit will be lost but also a 50 non-refundable booking deposit.
PRESTIGE APARTMENTS: There is a deposit sum of 500 due however the deposit sum, although cleared on the hirer's Credit Card, is not actually banked/deposited. Therefore, the total rental cost for the apartment is made upon the hirer's arrival to the property in London. A cancellation by the hirer of a reservation giving us notice of 4 weeks or more will attract an administrative fee of 200. Therefore the loss is restricted to 200 and not 500. In the event the hirer cancels within 2 weeks of start date then the full 500 will be charged.

8. Credit/Debit Card Guarantee With the Credit card details you have supplied us, it can only be used for the following reasons:
(a) to pay the deposit for rental of the accommodation.
(b) to settle an outstanding balance (see paragraph 3)
(c) to settle cancellation fees (see paragraph 4)
(d) to settle amendment fees (see paragraph 9)
(e) to settle bills (see paragraph 23) and damages to property (see paragraph 11)

9. Occupation Only persons listed on the Booking form may occupy the apartment. The apartment cannot be re-let/sublet to any other group/party without the written approval of us.
10. Damage to Apartment Except in the case of normal wear and tear the hirer will be responsible for making good any damage to the apartment or its contents which has occurred due to negligence, wilful damage or irresponsible behavior on the part of those occupying the apartment or their guests. Such damage must be reported, without delay, to our local representatives. The cost of the repair or replacement must be agreed with and paid to the representatives, or us.
11. Hirer's Responsibilities The hirer is responsible for taking all reasonable care of the property and its contents. The property and all equipment, utensils, furniture etc. must be left clean and tidy at the end of the hire period.
Unless agreed in writing, you must vacate the premises by 10am on the last day of your rental period, in order to allow for the cleaner to attend and prepare for the next guest.
Failure to vacate the premises could render you liable to extra costs should the apartment not be made available. Such costs as to administration and claims by other parties may be incurred and passed on to the hirer. It is therefore vital to check with us, and obtain confirmation, that a late check-out can be accommodated by us.

12. Rights of Access The representatives or their subcontractors have the right of access to the property at any time, with due regard to the convenience of the hirer, for the purpose of inspection of the property and to carry out any essential repair or maintenance work.
13. Responsibilities Neither we, nor our representatives, can be held responsible for any circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, mechanical breakdown, illness or failure of any public service supply. The hirer responsible for booking undertakes that no person will suffer anything to be done which would endanger the policy of our insurers in respect of the apartment and its contents which might make the same void or voidable.
14. Injury and Damage Neither we, nor our representatives, take any liability for personal injury loss or damage to personal effects howsoever arising during the booking period.
15. Maximum Number of Persons Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons specified in the apartment description occupy the apartment except by prior written agreement with us. We, or our representatives, reserve the right to refuse admittance to the apartment to the hirer and their party if they are in breach of this condition.
16. Information All information supplied by us, and our representatives, is given in good faith and is based on information available at the time. All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of any statement made, but we, and our representatives, are not liable for any variation however caused. Every effort is made to give you the apartment of choice but due to logistics this may not be possible therefore we reserve the right to provide a similar one.
17. Occupancy The apartment will be available for occupation from 14.00 hrs on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 hrs on the day of departure, unless otherwise stated. Luggage can be left in reception should you wish to leave belongings until the apartment is ready on the day of occupancy.
18. Keys Key collection and apartment number will be advised to you upon your arrival. If your arrival is outside of office hours you will be advised as to where to collect keys. If arrival is between 22:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs then a fee of 25 may be charged in order to arrange special key collection.
19. Complaints Any complaints about the apartment, or its contents, must be made in writing immediately to our representatives who will take all reasonable steps to settle the problem. Neither we, nor our representatives, shall have any liability for any complaint submitted after the completion of the rental period.
20. Law & Jurisdiction In the event of a dispute concerning the terms of this contract, the court of law of London will have jurisdiction.
21. Insurance The apartment hire cost does not include any personal insurance cover of any kind. It is strongly recommended that insurance is taken out against Cancellation, Personal Accident and Medical cover.
22. Cancellation of apartment hire In the unlikely event that an apartment becomes unavailable, due to circumstances beyond the control of AccommodationLondon, then the hirer will be offered alternative accommodation or a full refund. Any refund is restricted to the apartment hire cost. In the event that no suitable accommodation can be offered then a full refund of the apartment rental will be refunded

Please also view our About Us page which contains useful information and forms part of our Terms & Conditions

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